The Problem

There is a global shortfall of 1.8 billion formal jobs. That means unemployment for 60% of the 3 billion people seeking formal work.

Most workers in developing countries are employed in informal sectors, such as basic agriculture or domestic service. Lacking the opportunity to make a living wage or advance in their careers, these workers are trapped in the cycle of poverty.

Jim Clifton,
The Coming Jobs War

Now is the time for change. Approximately 43 million people could benefit from our Microwork™ model–which creates small, computer-based tasks taken from larger data projects. This work helps workers build skills and generate life-changing income. Recent improvements in telecommunications and infrastructure across the developing world allow us to utilize our unique Microwork™ model to tap the world’s greatest underutilized potential: the brainpower of the bottom four billion people.

Help us give work to women and youth living in poverty.

We are a different kind of nonprofit. Samasource has pioneered a breakthrough model that directly connects the poor to the formal economy through a proprietary business process we invented called the Microwork™ model. Our Microwork™ model breaks down digital projects into small tasks, sends those tasks to individual workers through the Internet and uses software to recompile the projects and ensure quality.

Convert Projects Into Small Tasks

This is where our Microwork™ model comes in. Project managers load these big data projects onto the SamaHub, our proprietary technology platform, which breaks them down into small, digital tasks and delivers them to our partner centers around the world. Our local partners follow our social impact guidelines and provide critical in-country infrastructure and computers.

Recruit & Train Workers

Samasource works with in-country partners to recruit women and youth formerly earning below a local living wage, as determined by the Fair Wage Guide. These recruits receive 2-4 weeks of computer-based training on the SamaHub, including English and soft skills, to prepare them for performing work. Once they finish training and demonstrate proficiency on trial projects, workers begin performing tasks for client projects, and in turn begin to earn a living wage.

Deliver Completed Projects

Each unit of work goes through a rigorous quality-assurance process via the SamaHub and is ultimately aggregated into complete projects and returned to the client.

The Impact

Workers begin earning a living wage within weeks, often doubling their income in the first few months of employment at a partner center. Through ongoing training and consistent feedback, workers gain the experience necessary to succeed in the formal sector.

Our surveys show that more than 75% of our workers:

  • Achieve a promotion within their delivery center

  • Achieve a position within another company doing formal work

  • Pursue higher education with funds saved from work

The Ripple Effect

The ability to earn a living wage creates a powerful ripple effect across communities.

  • Human Rights

    Individuals achieve a sense of agency, confidence and empowerment from doing dignified work.

  • Avoidance of Violence

    Formal employment provides an alternative to criminal activity, piracy and street violence.

  • Reduction of Infant Mortality

    Access to critical health and sanitation services dramatically reduces infant mortality

  • Rescuing Women from Sex Trafficking

    When earning an income, women become viewed as valuable contributors to their households and communities.

  • Food Security

    With a living wage, individuals can access sufficient and nutritious food.